Week 13

We had to come up with an idea for our final model during class. After a lot of ideation and group discussions, we finally narrowed down on a few ideas. We decided to make a dressing table using acrylic sheets to represent the fragility and innocent of during the era. We choose to design a dressing table to portray fashion and make which was a huge and unique part of the cinema industry and to show the rise of strong female roles. The inside of the cabinets were to have broken shards of wood showcasing the maximalism that was prevalent in all sectors during that time and the collapse of the era. We also wanted to show the different styles that were present during the time for which we thought to make a projector and use the mirror portion of the dressing table to project the images on. As a final touch to the entire set up, we wanted to add a poster of the various movies released during the time and add lights around it representing the underground or jazz and blues as shown in the movie ‘Bombay Velvet’.

We then got our idea confirmed with sir and stated getting the collage ready for the poster and stated work on the projector during class.

Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 4.48.43 PM.png     00bc7ab7-cbbb-4944-bb07-7b3b588b8b3f 2.JPG



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