Week 14

I finalised on my colour scheme and started putting together my brochure in class. I collected all the information and finalised the format. I did most of it during class except for the back of the brochure and few of my illustration. Since I did all the illustrations by myself it took quite some time to finish all of them.

brochure finalbrochure2 final


Week 13

We continued researching a bit more on the folds before starting our final project. I finalised the my fold; four fold, and started working on my final brochure. I dint have time to start making in on indesign but I drew out the basic sketch on paper and finalised on my idea.


Week 12

We had to research on different types of folds that fit our final brochures (food and nutrition). I came up with 3-4 types of fold which I then discussed with ma’am about and finalised on one.


Week 11

After going through different types of folds and presentations for our brochures, we moved to the infographics (information supported using graphics and illustrations). We were then asked to make a pre final infographic on a topic of our choice (preferably a social issue). I choose to make on ‘pro abortion’.




Week 10

We started of by studying different types of brochure so as to help us decide the format of our final brochure (final project) which was to be made based on our sustainability project. I learnt about the bi and trifold brochures which are the two most commonly used formats.

We were then asked to make groups of three and make a minimum of three different styles of brochures which was then to be presented to the entire class. Once we were done with this we were asked to take 2 existing brochures and discuss their pros and cons in the following class.

Week 9

Was not present in class but from what I gathered, we were asked to make a letterhead, visiting card and an envelope for the same restaurant which we had designed the menu card for earlier.

Week 8

We got our layout finalised and worked on a few corrections. I designed the back cover of my book after I got some feedback from ma’am as I was not sure what to do at the back. I made all the changes and got a prototype printed to make sure everything was in place before class ended.

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Week 7

We did not have class as ma’am was unwell. I still made sure to complete my draft and mail it ti her for feedback.

Week 6

Ma’am gave me a few correction for my layout. It was too simple and she felt that I could add typography to it as I was sure that I did not want illustrations in mine. She showed me a few examples to get me started. I too looked up a few and got a basic idea of what I wanted my book to look like. I used minimalism to depict the gist of my book in the cover page. Titles ‘The City of Incomplete Things’ I used a distorted circle to show the meaning of it. The second image is the version in which I used typography and the one after is the initial draft that I made.

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Week 4

We learnt a little more about indesign. The use of the text tool, indenting, etc became clear after the session. We were given a few pointers by ma’am for our magazine spreads which we then corrected before stating the next assignment.

We were instructed to design a menu card for a restaurant of our choice.