Week 14

We got another class to complete our zines which, to be honest, was much needed. I’d completed three of my frames earlier and did two more during class which left me with the last three which I had to then complete at home.

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Week 13

All the four hours were spent doing the final zine. It took a long time to get the colours right and get clean cut lines. Finalising even a single frame took an hour at the least. Doing it in class helped a lot as I got to clear my doubts and questions I had about the software. Having done that, it made making the rest of thr frames easier and faster.

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Week 12

After having made a 2D drawing of our first frame, we had to transfer it onto photoshop and start rendering it. It took almost the entire class time to do just one frame and I was still not able to finish it perfectly.

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Week 11

As our second project for imaging was making a zine, we got started on it. We had to create the same story as in drawing but using photoshop. We had to create the character iterations and the grid on photoshop. She also taught us the techniques to be used to render the characters. To get a hold on the method, we had to choose a sketch and render it using photoshop. I drew my own character as I couldn’t find anything that matched ny liking on the internet.

Boy Anime Drawings Basic Anime Sketches Easy Anime Drawings In P

Week 10

We learnt a few more tools on photoshop. The main tools focused on was the healing brush tool which os used to remote unnecessary marks and glitches from the pictures. We had to use this tool to remove the spots from a picture of our choice. The tool erases the spots by covering it with pixels of the same colour. We also learnt about the red eye tool which, as the name suggests, removes the red eye effect from pictures.

Week 8

After ma’am checked out documentation, we got the rest of class time work our research and process work.

Week 7

We learnt about the text tool and a few others. We also learnt about the layers again which helped grasp its uses better. We then had to write our names and design it using clipping mask. We also learnt about different effects for the texts. The last hour was spent on making a poster of our choice using clipping mask. A clipping mask is a group of layers to which a masks applied. The bottommost layer, or base layer, defines the visible boundaries of the entire group.

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Week 6

We started off with photoshop in class. having fished learning illustrator basics, photoshop was yet another component of the design world using graphics. We learnt three to four tools like the lasso tool, selection tool, etc and we also learnt about layers and how they work in this particular software. It took me some time to get adjusted to photoshop as I’d just gotten comfortable with illustrator. I got confused a lot with the short cuts and tools of illustrator and photoshop for a while but finally got the hang of it. After having learnt a couple of tools we were given a simple assignment of making collage. We grouped ourselves into two’s and three’s we choose pictures we liked and made a simple collage out of it.

Week 5

We got our assignments (compositions of sea, light, sky and breeze) ¬†reviewed by ma’am after which we spent the rest of the first half of class working on it and making it better. We also had to work on the human figure we had created on illustrator and increase its quality of work. At the beginning of the second half we learnt two to three more tools which brought us to the end of our illustrator classes. We dedicated the last half an hour of class applying the tool that we learnt (text) and made two logos each (Organic Valley and Cafe Melody).

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