Week 14

The first thing we discussed about was our reflection of how the class has been from the first week and what we had learnt from it. We were given around 10 mins to jot down points about the class after which we had to sort share our reflections in front of every one. I personally felt that it helped me get to know myself better which for me was one of the most valuable part of the entire semester with regard to seminar. I also felt that my group dynamics and skills improved over the course of the second project. Another impotent thing I noticed was that my the end of 14 weeks I had gotten more comfortable in met own skin and was not afraid to speak up if and when necessary.

After almost an hour of reflecting on the course, we were made to get back into out groups, discuss and come up with one final and apt artist statement for our studio project, city mapping. This took a lot of time as each of us shared our experience with regard to our chosen senses, mine being smell, and otherwise and jotted down points which helped us come up with basic sketch for the write up which we were to finalise later as there was not enough time left in class.


Week 13

We started class by writing a 300 word essay on the place assigned to us (Pali market). Then we were asked to go look around the campus for the various installation by artist, observe it and read and understand the explanation written below the installations. After coming back to class we found that they were professionally know as artist statements and we too had to write one for both our studio ans space and mat projects. We then went through the steps of how to write the article and the content that it requires after which it was left to us to come up with an apt  one.

Week 12

We sat in our groups , same as the groups made in studio, and discussed out the place we had visited. We had to choose five pictures from our visits and write a 300 word essay based on the pictures. The trick was to somehow be able to connect all five pictures and weave them into one solid story. Ma’am also gave us questions that we had to ask the locals on our next visit to our respective places. The questions to be asked about their background and lifestyle  were to help us in the writing and to get to know the place better by creating an emotional connect to it.

Week 10

We spent the entire of class time reviewing each others work. We sat with our partners and did a peer review on the pieces we had each written about our cities. After having given our feedbacks, we used whatever time was left to make the necessary corrections and improve our work.

Week 9

Our class was conducted by Prathna Ma’am as Kanika Ma’am wasn’t available. We started our second project for the semester,  ‘City Mapping’.  The name by itself made the project very exciting for me. We were given a two minute brief about the project after which we discussed the tangible and intangible aspects if a city. The first things that come to our mind, the population, weather, etc, we learnt were the tangible aspects and things we relate to emotionally were the intangible. We then had two choose a partner and discuss about a city of our choice, our hometown or a place that we had visited (other that Mumbai). I choose my hometown, Coimbatore, and spoke about what I liked and disliked about the city and how different it is from Mumbai. Our assignment for the week was to write a short note on the city we had chosen. The catch was that we had to focus more on the intangible that the tangible aspect.


Week 8

It was our review week for seminar and studio. We took about half an hour to put out sculptures that we had made during studio along with our Who Am I fold outs. After having placed all our work, we had to take turns looking at each others work and writing down things that stood out or pleased us. The last 20 minutes or so was left for us to discuss what we liked or disliked in each others work. I found that a lot of people had a bunch of interesting things going on in their fold outs. A lot of unique styles and well written pieces that gave me the motivation to do even better next time. Some of the metaphors that were used were really inspiring and creative. I made me see how each one of us had a completely different line of thought for the same project and yet each composition was amazing in its own unique way.

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Week 7

Since most of us were not done with the Who Am I fold out we got ourselves busy with that during class. Ma’am also gave us a short introduction on what out second project was going to be and also clarified our doubts on what goes in the student documentation and how we were to go about doing it.


Week 6

This class was completely focused on our Who Am I essays. We made groups of three and read each other’s essays and gave feedback on it. We had to judge it based on the flow and abstractness of the composition and our use of metaphors. We found that a common mistake we all had made was that there was minimal to no use of metaphors. Other than a few minor corrections and feedback, the main thing we all had to work on was making it more abstract. Toward the end of class, ma’am told us about the Who Am I fold out and the basic layout that we had to follow. I found it to be a very interesting assignment and since we had almost two weeks to complete it and it consisted not only of writing but also design.

Week 5

This class, we focused mainly on the book ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka. We read 2 excerpts from the last chapter of the book and had a detailed discussion about it We spoke about the parents and sisters reaction to the change Gregor had undergone and what we thought of it. In my opinion, after having put myself in their shoes, i realised that though it is easy for us to say that they should treat Gregor better if they truly love him, it is, to be honest, a very difficult time for the family. It’s not easy to treat him the same and continue with life as it was before as now they have a lot of things to consider in regard to the society and their very instinct to survive. We then sat in our groups and discussed the rest of the chapter with them. We also started writing a short summary of the last chapter towards the end.