Week 14

Since we had finished the gondola during the break, using m-seal, we just had the painting left. We painted it brown to give it a wooden finish and set it to dry. The boat was to be placed at an angle to signify that the Pali market was on a hill and therefore slightly sloped. We also made autos and cycles using wire as it was one of the areas that allowed autos as opposed to Parel. The vegetables and fruits were made with clay and then painted upon. Though we had planned out the entire model we did face a few unexpected challenges which led us to move things abound a bit. We realised that the auto might take up major portions of the gondola and so we decided to move it outside. We also came to the conclusion that though we wanted the gondola as the main attraction of the structure, it was not the only thing about the market and that not everything has to go inside the boat. We decided to place a few things outside the boat on the wooden base and give it a more natural touch.

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Week 13

We finalised our sense maps (smell) after which we went on the make a rough model of the final structure. After a lot of thinking and some help from Sir we agreed on making a gondola as the main element of the structure. We decided to put all the elements of the market inside the gondola. The idea of the gondola came about because of the restaurant in the area named ‘Gondola’ which has been there for over 40 years. The restaurant is a main attraction in the area and is also at the heart of the market which gave it more of a reason to make the centre element based on it.

We made a prototype using paper and wrote down where few want to place what based on the geographical map of the market. We felt that making it this way would truly bring out our experience of the market as the project was not to make it look geographically perfect but to rather show the place using our experience and the five senses.

We also decided on the materials we will need in making the final model how exactly it’ll going to look. Initially we decided on making the gondola using wood and the rest of the elements, fruits, vegetables, etc., using clay but after having discussed with sir and keeping the time factor in mind we felt it was a bit of an over reach and settled on m-seal or multiple layers of paper to make the gondola. We didn’t have enough time to start working on the final model so we divided up the work and took it upon ourselves to do as much as we could during the break.


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Week 12

We were to make separate maps of the place using our chosen sense. My map, as it was based on. smell, mostly constituted of construction site and the smell of fruits and vegetables. We then had to combine all the idea from the maps that we had made individually and make a prototype of our final map which had to be within a 12 by 12 inch space. We were also informed that we did not have any restrictions when it came to materials and the designing aspect of the project.


Week 10

We made another trip to Pali market only this time we had a better picture on what to look for. We explored the place a little more and spoke to a many people as possible. We learnt that the markets been there for almost 80 years and that most places, considering the poshness of the area, do home delivery and that very rarely do people actually come out to buy stuff. Once we got back to class, we stated making g a basic map describing the place using the five senses. We also made sketched of the places we visited using the pictures we had clicked.

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Week 9

All the five groups were assigned different places in the city to go visit. My group got ‘Pali Market’ as our destination. Except for one person in the group all of us had to leave our phones behind. The points of this exercise was to capture images of the market, do a few live sketches and get a basic idea of the structure, culture and functioning go the place. Pali market, we realised was the posher part of town with a lot of tourists and fancy cars. It was also a place where one could purchase anything from fruits and vegetables to buckets and toiletries to imported products. Though it looks to be a normal market from the outside, it had a lot of imported and branded products that are usually not available in such market places. Even the fruits and vegetables looked extremely fresh. The place was very well maintained with not too much garbage or dirt lying around everywhere. It by itself had a very touristy and rich vibe to it.

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Week 8

We showcased all our “Who Am I’ sculptures along with the write ups as we had done in seminar. As this was a smaller group compared to seminar, we got the chance to look and read each of our classmates work, write down points and give them feedback on it. The feedback given was really helpful and constructive. It gave me a idea as to how I could’ve made my work better. The most common feedback I got was that I could’ve made the cuts cleaner and sharper. We also got our groups for the upcoming project ‘City Mapping’. We got to sit in our groups and talk about one memory each from the three stages of our lives, childhood, teenage and college, and illustrate it on paper as a single organ.


Week 7

As I was done with my final structure consisting of all the all the file card models I had to watch a documentary on interior design. As interiors is what I’m thinking of pursuing, it really got me interested to hear what professionals think about the stream. The documentary was based on Ilse Crawfords work and how she approaches the subject, I learnt that interiors and product are two things that cannot be separated and that if one is to be done the other has to be given equal amount of importance. She also talks about how the space is what creates and destroys the mood and experience of the place. She talks about the emotional connect it has with peoples minds. It really inspired me and I really enjoyed watching the documentary. I also got to do my blogs and complete a few things I had pending in the time I had left.

Week 6

We continued working on our file card models which took up most of class time. It was a very tiring process and I was completely drained by the end of it. After completing the individual models, we had to put them together within a 12/12 inch area and create one standing structure. We didn’t have to use all the 10 models but rather the models that we saw fit. The structure had to be made in a way that it looked aesthetically appealing but at the same time it had to stand on its own without any support. The entire idea of this project was to create a structure that defined YOU and that was what we all made in the end.

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Week 5

Apart from the 5 minutes we spent with Sir going over our work and getting it reviewed, we continued with class normally. ┬áMaking the 3D models took longer than I had anticipated. Having said that, though I tried my best to stay as focused as possible and not waste much time, I managed to complete only two and half of the third model. Cutting the file card and coming up with the best way to convert it into 3D was not an easy process. I had to make some of the models twice as the concept which I had used the first time didn’t work that well. Overall it’s time consuming yet fun to work with.

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