Week 13

We were divided into groups based on our discipline where we had to read and analyse the given articles. The article I read was about how feminism plays a role in design which we then had to have a discussion about. We had to formulate questions based on it and talk it out in within groups.

Later we were asked to make the first draft of the report we had to write for our final project based on the question we had come up with in the previous class. We started of with writing about why we chose that particular topic and then continued onto writing about the design context, three arguments based on the topic and finally the conclusion.


Week 12

I couldn’t attend class as I was not well. From what I learnt, we had to come up with a question based on our discipline. I came question I c are up with is as follows,

Question – What impact does natural light have on a space.

Week 11

We started of by observing a normal blue pen and were asked to question based on it. The initial questions we came up with were all related to the aesthetics and the looks of the object after which we moved on to questions its functionality and how it responds to the human body.

Later we had to make groups of four, choose an object and come up with questions. We choose a red tupperware bottle and wrote down questions regarding its height, colour, placement of the brand name, size of the mouth opening, shape of its body, etc. We discussed the questions we had come up with with the rest of the class during the last half an hour.

Week 10

We started of by  Griha Pravesh – Amar and Mansi have an arranged marriage. Amar falls in love with another woman and asks Mansi for a divorce. She agrees to do so only if he lets her meet the other woman. We found the movie to  have a lot of hidden symbolism in terms of him referring to his his wife as coffee and Sapna as tea. The transition of his liking from coffee to tea and back to coffee also in a way summarises the plot line of the movie. Other than the basic plot line, we found the movie to be a bit overly dramatised and slow. We felt that maybe if it had been a little fast paced and the transitions between the scenes had been a bit more smooth, the movie would have had a better reception overall.

Sholay by Ramesh Sippy was the next movie that we watched. The movie, unlike the previous one, was very fast paced, entertaining and filled with action sequences. The sound and music played an important role in bringing out the essence of the movie. Though the plot line was very straight forward, this too had a lot of underlying context to it. The droll as hitler by one of the characters stands out and adds humour to the movie.  There are many layers to the movie starting from Gabbar’s entry and his very famous dialogue. having watched the movie twice, I felt that there is something new to take away from the movie with every watch.

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Week 14

Indian Timeline:

Lota – a metal pot with a simple design and multiple uses.

The use and the journey of the lot has been an epic. Traditionally made of copper and brass, the lot has a significant role to play when it comes to power and position. Used by Brahmins and sages during rituals, etc it shows ones position in society. It generally functions as a sort of water container which was used mainly by those belonging to the upper class during earlier times. In Indian mythology, Lord Shiva’s lota is distinct with its handle – it’s in this lota that he keeps the entire river Kaveri. The lota used for yoga has a sprout used to cleanse the body. Thus the lota is the carrier of exalted and the completed desacralised world, all in one. With time, the lota, from being an object of the upper class, through trade reached all across India and is even till date found in all homes. It became a common vessel to store water, etc from for all sections of the society.


Week 13

We spoke more about Indian history but focused more on pre and post independence. Pros and cons of the British Invasion over India was discussed in depth. The partition and the major political issues that took place during the time and how it influenced many of the major decisions was another topic we touched upon.

Week 12

We stated of with Indian history in class. We spoke about the Mahabharath and the Ramayan, the two great epics of Indian history, before getting into the various kingdoms and that existed over time. The rig vedas and the ancients texts were also a topic of interest that we covered. We spoke about how India was not a single country but just a bunch of different kingdoms with their own territories. We touched upon dynasties like the Maurya’s and the the Gupta’s and spoke about famous personalities like Ashoka the Great and Chandra Gupta Maurya. We also had a discussion about the the invasion by Alexander and moved on the the Mughals. For our next class we had to choose any object from the Indian timeline that had a major influence on trade, power, etc.

Week 11

In today’s class each group had to present the information we had collected on the artist we had been assigned the previous class. My group had been assigned Filippo Brunelleschi who was one of the leading engineers of the Italian Renaissance and best known for his work on the the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. He is also considered to be a founding father of Renaissance architecture, and recognised to be the first modern engineer, planner, and sole construction supervisor. Brunelleschi’s renaissance values were humanism, individualism and classicism. He was a humanist  because he knew that if he worked hard and had faith in his work that it would impact the world, he enrolled in creating the Dome. What I found the most interesting was the fact that the first know picture to use linear perspective was drawn by him. He brought about the concept of the vanishing point which did not exist before.

Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 10.39.08 PMScreenshot 2019-05-20 at 10.39.20 PMScreenshot 2019-05-20 at 10.39.34 PM

Week 14

I finalised on my colour scheme and started putting together my brochure in class. I collected all the information and finalised the format. I did most of it during class except for the back of the brochure and few of my illustration. Since I did all the illustrations by myself it took quite some time to finish all of them.

brochure finalbrochure2 final

Week 13

We continued researching a bit more on the folds before starting our final project. I finalised the my fold; four fold, and started working on my final brochure. I dint have time to start making in on indesign but I drew out the basic sketch on paper and finalised on my idea.